This is one of the most important additions for all service-based businesses with multiple locations. The absence of this feature is one of the main reasons we are unable to close clients. For example, consider a Plastic Surgery Clinic with two locations offering the exact same services. Currently, we have to set up 2 separate service calendars and duplicate staff profiles for each location, here's an example: Location 1 Service Calender: Breast Augmentation BBL Liposuction Location 2 Service Calender: Breast Augmentation BBL Liposuction Additionally, we must set up multiple staff members for each location: Location 1 Staff: Sarah Jane Mark Location 2 Staff: Sarah Jane Mary This creates confusion, especially when staff manually try to book clients at the clinic. They encounter multiple instances of the same staff names and calendar names, making the process cumbersome and confusing. Now, imagine this process if a business has five locations—it just becomes a mess! To simplify the entire process, here's what we could do: Setup and add a switch to move between multiple locations. Enable the same staff member to be assigned to multiple locations. Create a single service calendar where you can select the desired location and staff member. On the backend, staff can easily set their availability for each location, all managed through one calendar. I have attached 5 screenshots below 2 screenshots showing how other booking platforms manage to have multiple locations and only having 1 staff member 3 screenshots of our current setup through HL, its an absolute mess with 2 locations, you can see here when staff go to book in a treatment they are met with the same service name multiple times, when they go in to view their calendar they are met with multiple service names, multiple staff names If this is built you'd be able to wipe out most booking software in one update, a true masterstroke from the HL team. I know this is going to get a lot of votes but please also drop a comment down below so HL can get this done as soon as possible!
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