LC Email System

Deliver inbound email to Conversations regardless of subdomain
At this time, cold inbound email is delivered to the "universal inbox" only if addressed to the Default Dedicated Domain. If someone replies to an email sent from a Dedicated Sending Domain it is delivered to the Conversations tab. But if they save that email address to their contact list and write a new email using the address in their list the resulting email will be lost, it will not be delivered. This has a predictable lost revenue potential where people who reach out later (rather than replying to email marketing immediately) are lost to the CRM/automations/nurturing. Certainly if the email is forwarded from our Contact to another email address or a friend and a cold email is sent to us from that other address we will not receive the message. Our nurturing campaign worked, but we failed to capitalize on the opportunity. In my set up (see graphic) any email sent to {{addressee}} @ will not be delivered while emails addressed to {{addressee}} @ will arrive in the Conversations view. I would like to take advantage of the options provided by having separate Workflow, One-One, Campaign, and Bulk domains. We could have four different Dedicated Sending Domains if we could be sure that emails addressed to any of them would be delivered to Conversations. What is the point of having multiple Dedicated Sending Domain options if any cold inbound emails will be lost in cyperspace? The way it is now we should have only one (the burner for cold outbound bulk email) and keep all other email on the Default Dedicated Domain. The behavior I would like to see: any email addressed to anyone at any dedicated sending domain established with correct MX and TXT records (DMARC & SPF) for that subaccount/location should be delivered to the inbox.
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