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Send Email Replies straight to Sender "From Email" address (OR allow us to specify "reply to" address)
When we send email campaigns or automations to Contacts, we use different Sender "From Email" addresses depending on the message and what we're trying to achieve. Sometimes the email looks like it's coming from a Sales person's email address (who all currently happen to be users in HighLevel). Sometimes the emails comes from our CEO's email address (who is not a user in the system and never will be.) Sometimes they come from generic marketing email addresses we have inboxes for (or that we have setup to forward to marketing teammembers.) We use a bunch of different addresses for a bunch of different reasons. But when a Contact (recipient) replies to any of these emails we send from HighLevel, none of these staff members on our team get the replies in their email Inboxes. This is a huge issue. We don't care that much about reply tracking or emailing out of HighLevel using the Conversations feature, but we need replies to actually go to (or get forwarded to) the "From Email" (or perhaps even a specified "reply to" email address for the email/campaign). Every email system or CRM I've ever used has this option. The options provided by HighLevel in Settings > Email Services simply don't work for many use cases. The "Forwarding Address" option only allows you to specify one email address that all replies get forwarded to, and we need them to go to the person the email looks like it's being sent from. The "forward to assigned user" option doesn't work either, because we use Contact record ownership (assignment) appropriately: as a Sales Team management tool to help them manage their prospects ... and when we're doing an email blast to the entire Contact database that looks like it's coming from our CEO, we can't just assign all Contacts to a user for our CEO and then try to assign them all back to the appropriate/previous Sales person some duration after the email is sent. That would be chaos. There's added complications to HighLevel's reply tracking concept too, like the fact that if someone replies to a HighLevel email and CCs some of their teammates they want on the communication string, our Sales people can't see who these people are under the Conversation. We've had this happen and it greatly impacts our sales process and capabilities... e.g. they respond positively and say something like "I've CCed my marketing manager... they'll handle it from here!" and our sales person can't see who it is or their email address. If anything, we just need to ability to turn this reply tracking feature OFF and allow email recipients to just reply to the "Send From" address, or specify our own "Reply To" address in each email. For many companies, Conversations/reply tracking is likely a feature that solves an issue we don't actually have and introduces many other unnecessary hurdles in the process.
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