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Prospecting Tool Enhancements
You know, as someone who's deep into the agency world, I can't help but think how much more powerful Go High Level's prospecting tool could be with a few key enhancements. Don't get me wrong, it's already a great tool, but there's room to make it even better. Here's what I'm thinking: Hours of Operation : Let's pull this from both Google Business Profile and Facebook Page details. It's not just about knowing when they're open; it's also about spotting inconsistencies in their listings. Suggested Services : Imagine if the tool could recommend specific services or High Level features based on the prospect's needs. No listings? Suggest they claim their GBP. No ads? Time for some PPC magic. Data Inconsistency : We all know inconsistent data can hurt a business's Google ranking. Why not flag these discrepancies right in the report? Ads Check : Are they running social or local ads? Knowing this can help us tailor our pitch. GBP Photos : A simple check to see if they've uploaded any photos to their GBP can tell us a lot about how engaged they are with their online presence. Website Tech : Tools like Wappalyzer do this well, but having it bundled in Go High Level would be a game-changer. 3 Pack Ranking : Knowing where they stand in the Google 3-Pack can provide valuable insights for local SEO strategies. Additional Reports : Let's take a page out of LeadsGorilla's book and add more comprehensive audit reports like SEO, extended Citation, and Core Web Vitals. API or Workflow Access : This one's for us agencies and SaaS providers. Having the ability to create contacts/companies in sub-accounts directly would save us from the headache of data duplication. Each of these enhancements is like a piece of a puzzle that, when complete, would make Go High Level's prospecting tool not just good, but exceptional.


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