🎯 Campaign Registration and Messaging Service
LC Phone System
All sub-account campaigns will be automatically registered once the A2P Brand and Business Profile are registered.
There will be a
monthly charge
associated with it, i.e.,
at most $11.5 USD
based on the campaign use case. 💰
Mixed Low Cost Volume costs $1.65375 USD
, and we have mentioned that as recommended on the UI.🤫
Fill in all the required fields for Campaign Registration
  • Select the Campaign Use Case and enter a description.
  • Provide Production Sample Messages and select if the hyperlink and phone number will be shown in the SMS.
  • Provide details around en-user consents and opt-ins.
  • Once all the information is provided in the above steps. Data will be submitted for A2P Profile, Brand, and Campaign Registration and you would receive the success information.
Messaging Service:
We will automatically create the messaging service and link it to all the phone numbers available in the sub-account once the campaign is approved.
ℹ️ Explore more on the LC Phone System Trust Center here 👈
🤩 A2P Brand Registration: Better Delivery with Reduced Filtering
LC Phone System
A2P 10DLC refers to a system in the United States that allows businesses to send Application-to-Person (A2P) type messaging via standard 10-digit long code (10DLC) phone numbers.
After submitting their Business Profile, Agency and Sub-account admins will be
able to register their brand
for a one-time fee.
will be charged
$4.2 USD
and the
will be charged
$4.41 USD
(enabled with re-billing to accommodate the transaction charges.)
How to Register your A2P Brand❓
  • Click on the "Start Registration" Button:
  • Check the brand registration details and click Next.
ℹ️ Explore more on the LC Phone System Trust Center here 👈
📕 Trust Center - Business Profile creation Flow Live!!!
LC Phone System
Introduced a new section
Trust Center
in the Phone Numbers Page at a sub-account level, this will be visible to Agency and sub-account admins. Sub-accounts with US as the country will only see this. Trust Center provides products that can improve customer engagement through brand recognition.
Business Profile Registration:
The agency and sub-account admins will be able to register sub-accounts businesses with the carriers so that they can use other Trust Products.
To access the available Trust Center products, please follow the steps below:
  • Gather the required information from your customers.
  • Within Trust Center, create a Business Profile to represent the customer's business.
  • Register a US A2P brand for US A2P 10DLC capaibilities.
  • Register a new campaign use case and link it to a Messaging Service.
  • SHAKEN/STIR and CNAM [Coming Soon]
  1. The submission may take up to 72 hours for approval. Review your customer business profile information before submitting.
  2. SMS, MMS and Calls are charged even before based on the response from carriers.
  3. The feature is available for all LC Phone agencies and sub-accounts.
ℹ️ Explore more on the LC Phone System Trust Center here 👈
WordPress Cache Management: Ensures that your site performs at its best.
Wordpress Hosting & Reselling
In our effort to make the platform more efficient and robust, the following new features have been added to the
Advanced Settings tab
1. Cache Management:
New Cache Management Policy is set in place to increase Web Performance. Users can now change their cache policy based on their preferences to be:
  • Cache Static content
  • Cache-control Headers
  • Force cache all content
  • No cache
Cache Management
2. Delete WordPress Site:
Users can now delete their WordPress site including all files, domains and databases to start over with a site or delete an existing site no longer in use.
Delete WordPress Site
Delete confirmation window:
Delete WP
Explore more about WordPress here 👈
Workflow - Custom Values in If/Else action
  • Now you can use Custom Values in If/Else conditions.
  • No more editing workflows for each account when you import from snapshots, you just have to set the custom values as per that account's preference.
  • You can start defining logic's with custom values and control the logic's in any of your workflows by just updating the custom value.
Check condition using Custom Values
image (13)
{{custom_values.preferred_channel}} - is - "sms": send contact to sms branch else to email branch
{{custom_values.summer_offer}} - is - "active": send summer offer email
Compare Field's value with Custom Values
Screenshot 2022-11-21 at 8
Replied Message - contains - {{custom_values.replymessage}}
📢 Capture EIN for Business Profile and A2P Brand Registration!!!
LC Phone System
Capture more about your customers using new Business fields
introduced in the sub-account Business Profile section to capture business registration information in order to have a sense of business authenticity and view all details collated in one place.
These fields can further be utilized for sub-account segmentation and to have a better gauge of their Business.🚀
  • Legal Business Name
  • Business Type
  • Business Industry
  • Business Registration ID Type
  • Business Registration Number
  • Business Regions of Operations
  • Authorized Representative Information.
Screenshot 2022-11-21 at 5
To begin with, these fields will be utilized inside LC Phone for Business Profile creation and Verification, A2P Brand and Campaign Registration, Shaken/STIR and CNAM, which are planned to go live over a few weeks. Read more about it here.👈
☎️ LC Phone Release: Features Enhancement and Optimisations
LC Phone System
# New Enhancements
  • We’ve improved the new number buying flow so it now
    displays a mix of all different types of numbers when searched without an area code
    . An example of Australia as a country is shown below:
Screenshot 2022-11-21 at 4
  • Number Buying Flow:
    We will only ask for an address bundle after the selection of a Phone Number, which is dynamic based on the Regulatory compliance of specific countries.
  • Business Profile Tab:
    Email and Phone Number field basic validation check added to decrease the risk of wrong data being provided.
  • LC Phone Migration:
    Migration of New agencies and Sub-Accounts to LC Phone is temporarily disabled, as we work to ensure compliance.🛠
  • Phone Number Migration:
    Emergency addresses for the losing phone numbers will be automatically removed to avoid migration failure and sub-accounts stuck in processing.
  • Sub-account Migration:
    Gaining SID will be shown to the agency while a sub-account is in migration to LC Phone.
We will soon be live with the
new A2P Compliance
Flows, Explore More here. 👈
Business Info > Language (Locale
Business Info > Language
Now you can setup the language your business prefers in Settings > Business info > Language
Screenshot 2022-11-17 at 11
The following custom values will use the language selected in Business Info:
100% discount can now be offered using coupon codes
  • Added the ability to create a 100% off coupon code
  • The end customer can redeem a coupon code to get a 100% off on the cart value. They would still require to enter their card details to save credit card info in case it is required for upsells in the next steps
  • Only Stripe can be used to give 100% off on order amounts, this will not work with Paypal. In case both Stripe and Paypal exist, the Paypal option will be hidden.
  • A small text
    Card details will be used for verification purposes
    will appear beside the card element during a $0 checkout
Workflow Wait Action
Wait Action | Type: Appointment, Event & Invoice
Move to custom step if date is in the past
  • Allows you to go to a specific step that follows (is below) the Wait Step instead of just moving to the next one.
  • Provides the ability to skip a larger sequence of Steps in workflows that are time-sensitive
Fire at Exact Time
  • Will resume the Wait Step at the exact date-time of the Appointment start time / Event Start date / Invoice due date
  • Reduces the need for a Wait 1 min before workaround.
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