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Dearest Highlevel - Whatsapp Please
Hi guys, you're amazing, but you know whats interstellar, is having Whatsapp. I think deeply about the time it takes me to peruse the bowls of my agency accounts, when a quick zip through my Whatsapp could be exponentially quicker in handling B2B sales. I know you guys are some of the most amazing humans on the planet and I'm sure this is a minut request in comparison to the vast mental gymnastics you've performed to get thus far (and likely to be currently performing), but if you think you could so kindly venture on this distinctly beneficial rabbit hole, it would be most appreciated. I pray for WhatsApp to come quickly and that you too would be quickened by the prospect of this wonderful time saving venture.. and if you've read this far, know that you are a special human, that truly cares about your clients. Now I know its impossible to care as much as the CEO Shaun, as even in this moment I hear his wonderful chime of "Hi it's Shaun commin at ya with another amazing update" and even as I pen e-words, I'm immediately thrilled at the prospect of hearing those wonderful words once more, relating to a Whatsapp update on a sunny Wednesday afternoon, as we all have been gladdened on these days to hear. Once again, the gratitude cannot be emphasised more in this moment than in the future moments this will be read, as I once again embellish you with great thanks for what you have done thus far.... but please .... oh please... Can the dev team bump this one up on the priority scales. Much love and thanks, Davide
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