Here are a few ideas for upgrades to the current SaaS mode:1. More than 3 SaaS plans (preferably unlimited).2. Have a way for SaaS users to change their plan or cancel in their billing settings and let us make our own description of what is included in each plan to show here in billing.2a. Give us the ability to control what SaaS plans they can switch to in the billing settings.2b. Let us create a required form for SaaS users to submit if they are trying to cancel that includes the ability to downgrade to a cheaper plan. 2c. Agencies should be able to choose if users have the ability to change plans or cancel in settings, it should not be a required feature.3. Let us "impersonate" any SaaS user and see the app as they see it.4. Give us the ability to turn off some features completely so that no SaaS plan has them.5. Let us create our own banner popups that show for SaaS users.6. Give us the ability to disable certain settings in the settings menu for SaaS plans if we don't need our users to be able to access them. Also, I'd love to be able to add custom menu items to the settings menu, not just the main menu.7. There needs to be a way to fully disable features that SaaS accounts lose access to. For example, if a user cancels their subscription or downgrades to a plan that doesn't have workflows, they will not be able to view workflows anymore but the workflows will still actually work. This is not okay.8. We need some sort of system for managing and sorting our sub accounts. Filtering by SaaS plan would be a good start. Also, would love the ability to be able to select multiple SaaS accounts and bulk edit them (like adding or removing feature permissions).