We have now seen multiple instances of spammers who are creating SaaS accounts, using a payment method that does pass the authentication step, but then after they are in the account, they are quickly loading up 1,000's to 10,000's of contacts with phone numbers and quickly adding them to a single RVM campaign. This is costing us hundreds of $$$ because their Twilio Billing only kicks in AFTER they have sent the messages instead of requiring them to PRE-PAY for a certain number of messages based on their SaaS REBILL RATE. If they had to pre-pay, then we could avoid all of this SPAM and save all those contacts from getting spam messages that are just trying to steal money from people. The Pre-Pay option doesn't have to mandatory, but at least allow us to make it something that we can toggle on or off as a setting for the account, from the Agency level.