It would be a complete game changer to have a white label support suite like Godaddy offers for their resellers. It is a simple (custom value) (reseller name) system. That is branded to my brand. I can choose to have my customers contact me or Godaddy support (they answer the phone anonymously too) I send all my customers to my white label support page if they have any product questions about domains, website builder, email accounts, etc. This extensive support page answers 99% of all user based questions. Allowing me to focus on obtaining more new customers and upgrading the ones I have. The most important action I can do in my business is the actions that build a bigger customer base. I find that after having a few dozen customers with GHL I'm now in a training session with one of them at least 2 times per week for multiple hours. This is not sustainable. Here is my white label support suite which is a direct replica of Godaddys.