My clients are losing their minds over the new changes to the conversations manager.
They've already lost dozens of leads and conversations from a week ago that they had before this change was put in place.
See screenshot of 1 of the dozen complains I've received b/c recents is no longer available.
Starred and Recents aren't the same thing.
They both have their place in the system and they both serve their own purpose.
If you wanted Starred to REPLACE Recent, every lead that engages in a conversation should be AUTOMATICALLY marked as "Starred", and then if the conversation ISN'T important, the client can choose to unstar them.
The way our system works (and I imagine a lot of others work this way as well), a lead comes in, our automation starts the conversation, and if the lead doesn't respond our system continues to follow up with them to try and get a response.
99% of the people that respond to our automation are important.
But some conversations are more important than others, which is where the "Starred" section definitely comes in handy.
For our clients, they only have to worry about the leads that respond to them. So in theory, every conversation they have is important. It helps them find recent conversations, as well as helps us and our clients evaluate how their sales team have been following up with Hot Leads.
The Starred tab is awesome. But without recents, my clients are losing valuable conversations, wasting time sifting through the "All" column just to try and find a conversation they replied to just minutes before, and are constantly wondering if they should "star" a conversation, even though the lead didn't give any indication that they were a serious buyer. But they know if they don't "star" a conversation, they'll likely never see it again.
Oh and if a text or email is "undelivered", our clients will likely never know. Because it's going to get lost in the abyss.
When dealing with 300+ leads per month, and each of those leads receiving dozens of automated texts and emails, the All column becomes useless. I don't care about all the people receiving automated texts and emails. I care about the people that RESPONDED to the automated messages / pre-qualifying questions we asked them. Even if they just had a basic conversation.
If you have hundreds of automated texts and emails going out on a daily basis, if you respond to a lead "did you have any questions about the pamphlet we sent you?" and forget to "star" them, odds are you're going to lose that conversation for good, in the case that the lead doesn't respond back, or if you need to send another message but can't remember the name of the contact, or if the message for some reason isn't delivered.
I also don't think someone that expressed basic-level interest or responded a basic question is worth being "Starred".
That's my rant. I love HL so much, but I'm pretty down bad about this one.
If you aren't going to add recents back, at least make a workflow action where we can automatically star all responses.