It would be beneficial for Sub-Accounts to have a client portal that is able to securely Send and Receive documents and files.
This can also be another profit center. The idea here would be to include an amount of “base” storage and have an upgrade available for more storage space if needed.
The type of service to model could be from one of these websites:
Use Cases:
I have accountants and financial advisors that need to get files from their clients. Their clients do not feel comfortable using dropbox, google drive, or onedrive.
Types of files are typically: personal documents, bank statements, tax returns, account statements, etc.
Other markets that could have a use for this with similar types of files:
Attorney, Healthcare, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, title companies, business to business file transfers (larger files), Financial services (CPA, Bookkeeping, Financial Advisors)
Based on the sample companies I provided I believe this would be a great addition to the software and potentially an additional profit center for all.