Permissions for Workflow Folders and the Workflows inside them.
  • You can now select which types/roles of users can access a certain Workflow Folder
  • All workflows inside the Folder will respect the permission that it has.
  • If User doesn't have permission they won't be able to get inside of folder nor inside the workflows.
  • Just select the Manage Permissions in the Actions dropdown of Workflow Folders and select the desired permission.
* Whom this will help?
  • Majorly Agency Owners who are setting up accounts for their customer/subaccounts and desire to restrict access to certain automations
* How does this help?
  • The agencies that requested this had 2 needs:
  • Hide the workflows from their customers since many times they mess it up. Currently they use some hacky CSS to hide Triggers and Campaigns from their customers, but they had no way to do it in Workflows.
  • Hide their secret recipe from their customers. They want to show that they are providing value to them, without giving out the secret. So they will now be able to add someone to a Workflow that their clients will never able to see what is inside. And it will look like magic!