Typography Preview Live in New Funnel/Website Builder. Please turn it on Brand New Funnel Builder from LABS to use the feature.
šŸŒŸ Old Behaviour
  • Users have no idea how a font looks like when they try to select a font from the Typography settings.
  • Font has to be applied in order to see how it looks which is an extra step for users
šŸ”„ New Behaviour
  • User's will now be able to search fonts across the list of 1500+ available fonts in Google Fonts, and see how it looks like in the font selection dropdown itself instead of applying it and then seeing how it looks
  • This reduces an extra step and makes the funnel/website building process faster.
šŸ˜Ž How It Works šŸ˜Ž
  • Go to location settings and turn on Brand New funnel Builder,
  • Go to the Builder and Go to Typography to see your font.
Screenshot 2023-09-05 at 4