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Trust Center
in the Phone Numbers Page at a sub-account level, this will be visible to Agency and sub-account admins. Sub-accounts with US as the country will only see this. Trust Center provides products that can improve customer engagement through brand recognition.
Business Profile Registration:
The agency and sub-account admins will be able to register sub-accounts businesses with the carriers so that they can use other Trust Products.
To access the available Trust Center products, please follow the steps below:
  • Gather the required information from your customers.
  • Within Trust Center, create a Business Profile to represent the customer's business.
  • Register a US A2P brand for US A2P 10DLC capaibilities.
  • Register a new campaign use case and link it to a Messaging Service.
  • SHAKEN/STIR and CNAM [Coming Soon]
  1. The submission may take up to 72 hours for approval. Review your customer business profile information before submitting.
  2. SMS, MMS and Calls are charged even before based on the response from carriers.
  3. The feature is available for all LC Phone agencies and sub-accounts.
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