Send SMS to valid contacts to
improve your delivery rate
. This eventually will decrease the error rate and risk of account restriction.
Steps to enable Number Validation
  • Step 1: Go to the Location Settings Page.
  • Step 2: Enable Number Validation under the General section of the Business Info tab.
When will the number be validated?
The number will be validated when the first SMS is sent or a call is made to a new contact.
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What happens when the number is validated?
  1. Temporary DND(only SMS channel) will be enabled at a contact level when number validation returns “Number is SMS incapable”(landline).
  2. This will ensure that no future SMS communication is sent to this contact number.
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How much will the account get charged and will it always be charged?
  1. The account will be charged $0.005 per contact validation.
  2. The charge will only be triggered once per contact.
This update is only applicable for the
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