We've made some awesome enhancements and fixed some pesky bugs to make your experience even better! Check it out:
🚀 Enhancements
1 .
Audit Logs
Keep track of phone system credential updates and the number assignments/removals for Agency and sub-account users in audit logs.
2 .
Availability of Phone Number:
  • 🇦🇺 Australia and 🇳🇱 Netherlands Mobile Numbers are now available for buying.
  • 🇱🇹 Lithuania added as a country to the phone number buying list.
3 .
Number Migration :
We've made it even easier for sub-accounts to auto-migrate if they have UK mobile and toll-free numbers, as no registration bundle or address is needed.
4 .
A2P Registration :
Restricted multiple submissions of A2P to only one brand/campaign to prevent duplicate charges.
5 .
Shaken/STIR Registration :
Restricted multiple submissions of Shaken/STIR to only one bundle creation, and you can now resubmit in case of rejection.
🐛 Bugs and Fixes
  • Outbound Call: Calls were allowed to be placed using a number that was deleted, this is
  • Contact Call DND: Calls were allowed via power dialler even when the contact was marked as DND, this is
  • Call Recording:
    where call recording was not working for Workflow/Campaign manual calls.
  • Call Flow and Routing:
    where incoming calls were forwarded to the forwarding number instead of the user number, even if the number was assigned to a user.
  • Regulatory Bundle:
    where Non-LC phone accounts were still able to see the reg bundle/address tab when moved out of LC Phone.
ℹ️ Explore more on the LC Phone System Messaging Policy here 👈