• Channel Name limit increased to 25 characters
  • Sign Up will not fail if user was created from backend from workflows
  • Mitigating creation of duplicate contacts - If we signup from same email multiple times from CP, duplicate contacts will not get created going forward
  • Enhanced Sign-in Flow - Added a "Set Password" screen for all first time users (if logged in via Login with Secure Code)
  • Users would now be informed to check their mails for secure code
Bug Fixes
  • Like count UI issue - UI was breaking and has been fixed
  • Blank comment - users cannot send comment without any content now
  • Email for courses in communities - Mails were. being sent out immediately when you add a member. Users will only get it when a new course is added
  • Owner deleted bug - If an owner is deleted private groups were not loading. This is now fixed
  • Learning Tab (Courses) - Course images do not get cropped now