All sub-account campaigns will be automatically registered once the A2P Brand and Business Profile are registered.
There will be a
monthly charge
associated with it, i.e.,
at most $11.5 USD
based on the campaign use case. šŸ’°
Mixed Low Cost Volume costs $1.65375 USD
, and we have mentioned that as recommended on the UI.šŸ¤«
Fill in all the required fields for Campaign Registration
  • Select the Campaign Use Case and enter a description.
  • Provide Production Sample Messages and select if the hyperlink and phone number will be shown in the SMS.
  • Provide details around en-user consents and opt-ins.
  • Once all the information is provided in the above steps. Data will be submitted for A2P Profile, Brand, and Campaign Registration and you would receive the success information.
Messaging Service:
We will automatically create the messaging service and link it to all the phone numbers available in the sub-account once the campaign is approved.
ā„¹ļø Explore more on the LC Phone System Trust Center here šŸ‘ˆ