We're thrilled to announce an enhancement to our existing feature. Users can now add up to five email domains for email types: Workflow, 1:1, Campaign, and Bulk emails. With that error notification was provided if a domains lacks a default header, helps avoid potential DMARC and other deliverability issues.
Here's how to access this Feature:
Sub-account Settings - Email Service -> SMTP Service -> Dedicated Domain and IP -> Domain Configuration.
Key Benefits:
Improved Deliverability:
By spreading email sending volume across multiple domains, reduce the risk of triggering spam filters or being marked as spam by internet service providers (ISPs). This can lead to better inbox placement and higher deliverability rates.
Reduced Risk of Blacklisting:
If one sending domain gets blacklisted or flagged for spam, having multiple domains ensures that entire email marketing operation won't be affected.
Distributed Workload:
Distributing email sending workload across multiple domains can prevent overloading any single domain and ensuring consistent performance.
The sending domain can be selected for individual workflow, campaign and bulk email level.