When Single Sign On is implemented (as its currently planned https://ideas.gohighlevel.com/app-marketplace/p/single-sign-on-sso)
It would be good to have SSO Trigger Links where when a client clicks a link that performs a Sing Sign On, it also triggers a work flow
Use Case?
Here is one good example:
Lets say a client logs into high level but then they click a custom menu link (this is the trigger link) that signs them in to something else such as their Client Portal or a membership.
Well, this could trigger an Email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, or even the webchat widget to send a custom message to that client saying "Hi, this is [Company Name] 24/7 Support, I just noticed you signed in to your [Course Name]. Is there anything you would like help with?"
Then also when it comes to video, lets say the client clicks on a specific module of a course or a specific video training. It would be cool to have Video Trigger Links that when a video is played or a section of a membership is accessed. A workflow is triggered to message them asking them if they need help specifically on the training video or module they're watching.