Instead of charging an Agency from the "Install" button in the App Marketplace for a Paid app, I think that it would make more sense to allow the agency owner to "Enable" the app on Sub-Accounts and then only allow the Sub-Accounts to Install the app if they have a credit card on file.
Make it so that we can separate the Agency price from the Location price and allow us to install it on the Agency for free.
The way that Pricing Plans currently work, it charges the Agency and then each Location gets charged with the same Plan regardless of the type of installation. I'm only using the Agency's credentials. I don't need to create an account for the Agency in my app, I just want to have those credentials in case I need them later to, say, create a Location.
I have a few suggestions:
  1. Choose what to charge Agency and Location separately
  2. Allow Agency to "Enable" a Marketplace App or "Install" it for free
  3. Select the maximum number of Locations for a Plan (up to infinity)
  4. Enable/Disable Bulk Installations for the App